Data Security -- The People Component

Your business might have invested a great deal in technology to protect your data. But do you know that your data may sill have a high probability of compromise? 

I recently had a project where I worked with a customer to totally update their IT infrastructure. A fair amount of focus was on security  including containing the effects of ransomware. The infrastructure was updated with special attention paid to security, multiple backups and control of all devices including employee owned computers and tablets. The  CEO asked if I thought they were now reasonably since they had spent so much money on this,  My response was “the weakest link is your employee”. 

To prove the point, we had all their employees attending training sessions that included two admonitions: (1) NEVER click on a link sent to you unless that you contact the person and you know that the link came from him or her and (2) NEVER plug in a memory stick that you see unless it is provided to you in response to a specific request that you made.  

Six weeks later,  I had the IT department sent out a fictitious email that appeared to come  from a bank. It had a link that actually sent a note to the IT department that alerted them that the linked had been clicked and it came from a specific employee computer. Out of approximately 400 employees, 190 employees clicked on the link!

These employees were put on probation.

Next we got 20 memory sticks that were placed one evening on random employee desks. All 20 of them were plugged in the next morning. A program on the stick altered the IT department.  

Needless to say, it is necessary for employees to know that everyone plays a part in IT security and adherence to the rules is a condition of employment

So, are you sure that your data is not at risk? If you need help, call us!

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