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Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC  is a team of experienced C-level professionals who support small to midsized companies. Our expertise includes finance, general management, operations, IT, sales & marketing in numerous industries. We develop solutions and assist in implementation and integration into your business with proven results. Our team works on a fractional or interim basis, depending on customer needs. We are here to help you executive your plans successfully this fall. 

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services. In addition to the partners that we have in the organization, we have associated partners that have a wealth of experience in areas such as human resources, branding, and operations that we call upon to meet our client needs. No effort is spared to have satisfied customers. We satisfy customers by exceeding customer expectations.




  • Plan Execution
  • Business Turnaround
  • Strategic Visioning and Planning 


° Digital Transformation

° Cybersecurity

* Software Design & Support


                 ° Profit Improvement

                ° Cost Reduction

               ° Strategic Planning & Budgeting




°  Strategic Marketing

°  Customer Segmentation

°  Business Sales Financing


°  Listen

°  Analyze

°  Plan

°  Execute



  • Staff includes veterans
  • No overseas outsourcing
  • Committed to your success

We are all about having close long term partnerships with others including customers and vendors

We use trusted partners for the following services


°  Brand Management

°  Social Media

°  Websites





°  People Management

° HR Compliance

° Employee Manual



Our Affiliations

Our members are active in the following groups

  • North Carolina Executive RoundTable (NCER)

  • North Carolina Defense Business Association (NCDBA)

  • National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We are industry agnostic. We have experience with most sectors from furniture restoration to high tech to medical equipment manufacturing. Our consultants have diverse backgrounds bringing skills from hardware and software development, to retail sales, from medically related fields to manufacturing.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
We offer short term and long term services for our customers. Our focus is your success and we will work with you until you succeed.
What are your rates and payment terms?
Payment terms are negotiated during  the contract phase. Our standard rates are $175/hour; payment terms are usually 20% down payment to start the engagement and pay every two weeks until the project is 95% complete. The last payment will be remainder upon acceptance. The rates for standard packages are generally 50% at the start of the contract and the remainder within 10 days of completion.

Our partners work closely with clients to determine real needs as well as stumbling blocks that they might have that prevent them from growing. After a systematic analysis of the business, partners can create a plan that is realistic for taking the business to the next level, overcoming any obstacles on the way. Most of our solutions are therefore totally customized to help the client. When necessary, we will leverage the large network that we have that includes members of the North Carolina Executive Roundtable and members of the North Carolina Defense Business Association among others.

Our Consultants are energetic, stay relevant, are actively learning from other experts and stay abreast of laws.

Following are some pictures of our consultants being active in the North Carolina Executive Roundtable (NCER), the North Carolina Defense Business Association (NCDBA) and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)  meetings. Many of our consultants serve on the board of the NCER.


  •  Our staff was involved in hosting Lt. Governor Dan Forest at the North Carolina Executive Roundtable Luncheon.
  • We provided the education sessions for the North Carolina Defense Business Association Business to Business Showcase event. Sessions included one on scaling a business, one on cybersecurity, one on profit improvement. One session also covered Fraud Detection and Prevention.
  • Our staff made presentations in seminars sponsored by Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC in RTP HQ and the Lafayette Village. Presentations were designed to help business executives leverage the changing environment to grow their business.


Let us help you grow Your business

We partner with you to execute plans and achieve success!

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