We are all about making your business profitable and successful!

G5 is a team of experienced C-level professionals who support small to midsized companies. Our expertise includes finance, general management, operations, IT, sales & marketing in a variety of industries… both manufacturing and services organizations.  G5 advises AND engages in implementation and integration of solutions into your business with proven results. The team works on an interim basis as well as on project basis, depending on customer needs.



Encountering mountains you cannot tunnel through?

Encountering Mountains?

We help you get past the challenge!

Encountering mountains you cannot tunnel through?

We lead you to the top!

Providing guidance and help!

Confused about which road?

We can provide an independent analysis and guide you!

Executive Leadership

The C-Suite of Professionals

  • Business Mentoring

  • Engaged  Professionals

  • Broad Experience

Business Leadership

We stay abreast of developments. Here one of our associates is talking with Representative Susan Martin, member of the NC State Legislature about business prospects in the state.

We are engaged with business leaders

Our principals are attending the North Carolina Executive Round Table luncheon and having discussions about solutions to current problems.

Financial & Accounting

  • CFO/Controller – Interim & Part-time
  • Strategic Planning, Forecasting, & Budgeting
  • Profit Improvement & Cost Reduction
  • Acquiring or Exit Strategy



  • Operating System

  • Process Definition

  • Function Definition

  • Dashboards

  • Continuous Improvement


  • IT security for your needs
  • Optimization of IT infrastructure
  • Product evaluation & Vendor management


  • Fractional C-level support
  • Team Building
  • HR Compliance
  • Employee Development


  • Strategy Development & Execution

  • Targeting Marketing Segments 

  • B2B & B2C Marketing Solutions

  • Branding Services

  • Retail Sales financing to sell more

Let Us help you grow your business!

All our associates are US citizens!
We have veterans on our staff.

We are based in central North Carolina.

Business Strategy

Proven Process 
EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)
Creative Solutions  for your problems
Business Mentors/Advisors
Focus on long-term growth of your company


Execution of Strategy
EOS in practice
Creative, measurable increase in profit
Measurable improvement in employee morale
All employees focussed on company goals


CFO Controller Advisory Services  Interim & Part Time
Business Mentor for small to mid-sized businesses
Strategic Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting
Product Improvement & Cost Reduction
Business Process Improvements
Fraud Detection & Fraud Prevention
Internal Controls – Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance 
Internal Audit
Mergers & Acquisitions – Due Diligence
Buying &Selling a Businesses
Business Valuations & Business Broker


Information Technology
Business Software 
Data Security
Infrastructure Strategy & Management
Vendor management
Business Tools


Marketing Strategy
Customer Segmentation
B2B & B2C Targeted Marketing
Retail Financing
Branding Services
Customer Solutions Focus

Human Resources

CPO Function
HR Compliance
Conflict Resolution
Employee Manual

Our Process

We listen, ask questions, and listen

We do not have prepacked solutions or vendors thrown on you!

We look for opportunities for your growth

We focus on your needs, not on ours

We bring you the best technologies and processes for your that solve your needs and reduce long-term costs


Our consultants are active in several organizations including


The North Carolina Executive Roundtable (NCER)

The North Carolina Defense Business Association (NCDBA)

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)

The CED Venture Mentoring Service

The Financial Executive Networking Group (FENG)

The North Carolina Center for Innovation Network (NC-COIN)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)


G5 Business Solutions providing Education Sessions for NCDBA!

G5 Business Solutions is pleased to provide the education sessions for the North Carolina Defense Business Association’s Business to Business Showcase Event on March 6, 2018 at the North Raleigh Hilton. For further information please see the North Carolina Defense Association website: https://ncdba.com/tradeshow/

Let us help you grow Your business

We are committed to seeing you succeed and we are in for the long term!.

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