The G5 Business Solutions Group technology division is legally Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC, an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited company. Through them, we offer the following:

  • Digital Transformation Services for your company
  • IT Security evaluation, recommendation, and implementation
  • Software Services

In addition, we offer

  • Technology vendor management
  • Education for programmers in the areas of capturing customer requirements, exceeding customer expectations
  • Project management for technology implementations

We understand issues faced by customers in a world where technology is fast-paced and your product can become irrelevant or your service becomes non-competitive. Our programmers and our executives stay relevant and use proven principles to help customers choose the right technology for them.


We are interested in long-term relationships with our customers. We begin with an evaluation of customer needs, create a long-term realistic plan that fits into the constraints of the customer and then partner with the customer to execute the plan for success. 

We provide a variety of technology services:

  • A systematic audit of your IT infrastructure. This includes evaluation of security procedures and implementation, backup and recovery systems, and software and hardware review.
  • Recommendation of off-the-shelf or custom software to make your business efficient
  • Review of the long-term cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure and recommendations on how that cost can be reduced without compromising the quality of your service or productivity of your employees.
  • Vendor management of technology vendors

Our focus is to provide you with the best data protection possible in a changing world. We are experts in cybersecurity, data protection, cloud backup and we do what it takes to protect you and your company assets. 

We enable protection of all your networked devices through executable policies and software. 

To make a business more efficient, customers often need help with software. Sometimes, all they need is for someone to take off-the-shelf software and customize it for them. For some customers, it is necessary to create custom software. We can do what is necessary to bring the customer business to run with state of the art, proven technology. We do not outsource our development outside the United States, and we use local labor. So there are no mistakes in translation and our customers work directly with the programmers face to face. 

Other services that we provide in the technology area include

  • Technology vendor management
  • Project management of technology implementations
  • Technology education on subjects of interest

In other words, we provide  a total solution for your technology needs.